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Algarve Golf Holidays

Our Algarve Golf Holidays 2016/2017

Land of sun and sea, the Algarve proves time after time that it possesses the perfect natural and climatic conditions to confirm itself as an excellent holiday destination in which to hold a wide range of entertainment events. From music and film festivals, to gastronomy and handicrafts, and not forgetting sport, the Algarve offers a calendar packed with great events throughout the year, which acts as a strong complement to the "Sun and Sand" product, and allows the region's tourist attractions to diversify and thus fight the seasonality that is still felt in this region. This is a paradise for open air sports, which take advantage of the perfect climatic conditions enjoyed by the region all year. The Portuguese Algarve Open, Portugal's major golfing event in the official calendar of the European Tour, also takes place during April.